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Hilmi Volkan Demir
Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department (EEE)
Professor, Physics Department (PHYS)
Professor, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Graduate Program (MSN)
Bilkent University and UNAM
I am the Principal Investigator of the Demir Research Group and Founding Director of the Devices and Sensors Research Lab at Bilkent University. I am working at Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Physics Department, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Program and UNAM - National Nanotechnology Research Center, and ARL - Advanced Research Laboratory.
Devices and Sensors Research Group at Bilkent:
In my group, our research focus is to propose, develop, and demonstrate innovative chip-scale nanophotonic, opto-electronic, and RF devices and sensors embedded with nano- and micro-scale functional structures for the applications of semiconductor lighting, displays, imaging, communications, sensing, energy generation, and environmental decontamination. Our research work spans device conception, modeling, material synthesis and characterization, device physics, device fabrication and testing, and system-level applications.

Positions available:

Please contact Dr. Demir for post-doctoral research fellowships and Ph.D. positions available through European, US, and TUBITAK projects.

Research team and funding:

Our research group consists of 30+ research students, researchers, and scholars from different disciplines and background including electrical engineering, physics, applied physics, and materials science. Our research work is supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences), The Ministry of Industry and Technology, ESF (European Science Foundation), European Union, US NIH (National Institute of Health), and industrial programs and projects.

Our current research projects and interests include:
  • Semiconductor LED lighting
  • Nanocrystal optoelectronics
  • Energy transfer phenomena and excitonics
  • Metal nanoparticle and nanowire plasmonics
  • RF wireless sensors
  • RF bioimplants
  • Medical devices